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Psychological Aid center in Ukraine

The project is funded by ATOL hystory. In order to achieve our main objective and functions implemented under the Fund’s Articles of Association 3.2.1. – 3.2.3. points,  by communicating directly with the Eastern Ukrainian fighters and their families, the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania, we received  assent from the Police Department, the Ministry […]

Help and support for Ukrainian soldiers who is receiving medical treatment in Lithuania!

  In Lithuania currently is treated and rehabilitated soldiers from Ukraine. They all need our financial support to provide: • additional food; • clothes as possible and needs; • communications (phones, sim cards) 3G – 4G Internet service (on demand); • computer / Tablet; • partially offset the cost of transport of volunteers.   “Unia 1219” seeks […]

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Support for Ukraine

Upcoming projects Our operational objectives, sectors, and types: The main objective of the Fund is to aid persons and refugees, victims of natural disasters, accidents caused by the activity of persons such as disasters (including environmental disasters), armed conflicts and wars. Also, we provide protection against natural and people-made disasters and their consequences. In pursuing […]

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