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Support for Ukraine

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Our operational objectives, sectors, and types:

The main objective of the Fund is to aid persons and refugees, victims of natural disasters, accidents caused by the activity of persons such as disasters (including environmental disasters), armed conflicts and wars. Also, we provide protection against natural and people-made disasters and their consequences.

In pursuing the objectives to support the victims of aggression, Ukraine anti-terrorist operation fighters, their families and forced internal displaced persons, we perform the following functions:

  • • organize and provide them with medical, financial, social, psychological and other assistance;
  • • organize their medical treatment in the Republic of Lithuania and other European countries;
  • • rehabilitate them to sanatoriums and recreation homes;
  • • organize summer camps for their children, taking into account the needs of orphans in first place;
  • • communicate directly with the victims in Ukraine by clarifying their individual and group needs through its official representative office in Ukraine;
  • • inform western public about the social, psychological, and physical consequences of the armed Ukrainian conflict;
  • • co-operate with other Funds working in this sector in Ukraine (association level), Lithuania, and other countries as well as community, public, charity, and support organizations;
  • • implement socialization processes in science, education and employment fields.
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