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UNIJA-1219 Support Fund

UNIJA-1219 is a young support fund with deep historical roots, for its name was chosen in reference to a historical event. It was in 1219 that the first cooperation agreement between Lithuania and Volhynia (Volhynia, Ukraine) was signed. About 800 years later, we urge the two sides to come together again in the name of peace. The residents of the Ukrainian regions that have been ravaged by war need our support more than ever before. We can help them gradually ease the pain of their loss and defeat their fear of the future…

Who we are

The UNIJA 1219 support fund (hereinafter ‘the fund’) is a non-profit organisation of limited civil liability, a public legal entity with economic, financial, organisational and legal autonomy that conducts itself in compliance with the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, its Civil Code, the Law on Charity and Support Funds and other applicable laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

The fund is a voluntary union of natural and legal persons that provides charity and support to natural and legal entities.

Legal status: charity and support fund. The fund’s fiscal year is a calendar year, and its period of operation is unlimited.

Our mission: to strengthen the ties of cooperation between the communities of Lithuania and Ukraine on the basis of the historical unity between the nations.

 Our aims and activities:

The main purpose of the fund is to provide support to individuals and refugees that have suffered losses due to natural disaster, man-made accidents/catastrophes (including ecological disaster), armed conflict and war. The fund also helps to protect from natural and man-made disaster as well as liquidate the consequences thereof.

Our functions:

  • Coordinating and providing sufferers with medical, material, social and psychological support as well as other types of assistance;
  • Organising rehabilitation for sufferers in sanatoriums, children’s summer camps and at home;
  • Communicating with sufferers, sharing experience and raising public awareness of natural disasters, man-made disasters/catastrophes (including ecological disaster) as well as the social, psychological and physical consequences of armed conflict and war;
  • Cooperating with Lithuanian and foreign support funds, community organisations and public charity and support organisations operating in the same field;
  • Organising meetings with the heads of various support funds, organising joint events with organisations of a similar nature;
  • Searching for various avenues of economic cooperation between Ukraine and Lithuania and other countries in the European Union;
  • Organising cultural events and other events that support democratic processes in Ukraine.


The Unija 1219 support fund was officially registered on 7 April 2014.

Company code: 303282892

Address: Vilniaus g. 20-6, LT-35205 Panevėžys


From 12 June 2014, the fund has an officially accredited agency in Ukraine.

Accreditation No: 1420181

Address: Miru pr. 212-45, Chernihiv, UA-14037 Ukraine


We, the founders of the fund, are constantly in direct communication with sufferers and public organisations and, in view of the uncoordinated and convoluted Ukrainian legal framework that makes the provision of efficient material support within legal boundaries very difficult, have come to the conclusion that the most effective form of support at the moment is financial support. Financial support will allow recipients to acquire whatever they need most wherever they might be. For greater transparency, we will clearly indicate the recipients of our joint funding.


Bank account for donations:

Bank account number: LT633500010001379694


Bank code: 35000.

Bank name: UAB „Paysera LT“.

Bank address: Mėnulio g. 7, Vilnius, LT-04326, Lietuva. 



Contact email:  info@unija1219.lt


“A true friend is certain when certainty is uncertain.” (Latin proverb)

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